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How Case Studies Boost Your Sales

Generating trust in your services is crucial when persuading your leads to buy from you.

Leads are savvy and won't buy without looking for social proof. They'll go online, search for reviews and check out your reputation before making that all-important decision.

Why not take control of the narrative, show off your best work and give your leads the evidence they're looking for?

This is where I come in.

I discover how you help your customers succeed and translate that into apathy-busting, sales-boosting case studies that give your leads the proof they're demanding.

Case studies that work 24/7/365, that never grow stale and can be used across every section of your marketing strategy.
Key benefits of case studies:
Deliver amazing ROI
A potent conversion driver running through your funnel
Show how you solve your prospects' challenges
Highly targeted and speak directly to your leads
Position you and your brand as an authority in your field
An excellent generator of spin-off content
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Why Use Case Studies?

Here's the numbers
Of buyers claimed case studies positively influenced their decision to purchase
* Dimensional Research
Of B2B buyers cite case studies as the most influential content when evaluating competition
* Hawkeye
Of leads are more likely to convert when case studies are present on your site
* BigCommerce
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What My Clients Say
  • Fantastic sales asset. Simple to use and beautifully designed.
    Since using Paul's case study in our outreach emails, we recorded an immediate 27% increase in conversions.

    Case studies really cut through, speak to our prospects and drive engagement forward.

    I only wish we involved Paul and adopted case studies earlier.
    Will Heavey
    Will Heavey
    Which Proxy Provider

Unleash the true power of case studies

Multipurpose. Evergreen. Authoritative.

Case studies are fantastically versatile. Think of them as the swiss army knife of marketing. Just one interview with a happy client can deliver content you can repurpose at every stage in your marketing campaign.

Success stories never grow stale either, so they can be used across any campaign you ever run. And as case studies are unique to your company, they can never be stolen by your competitors.

Outbound Marketing

Add to your email campaign and attach to newsletters
Pitch to industry media. They love sharing success stories
Recycle into awareness stage blog posts to gain traction
Use data-led success to impress in RFP's and award applications

Inbound Marketing

Use as lead magnets and create interest via social media
Showcase on your homepage to build trust
Sprinkle testimonial quotes on landing pages
Smooth out resistance in key areas like pricing pages

Building Authority

Stand out among the crowd at corporate events
Repurpose into guest posts on industry-leading publications
Adapt into press releases, presentations and handouts
Forge an easier path when building new relationships
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Case Study Success

Case Studies 101

Here's the lowdown
Targeted to your prospects. Relevant to your product. Specific to your niche.

A well-developed and fully formed case study speaks directly to your leads and prospects, making sales far easier to close.
Niche Specific
Case studies can cement your position as an insightful thought-leader in your field.

Add to the mix any partnerships forged with industry-leading brands, and case studies can rocket your company's reputation.
Problem Solving
Product pages are fine. But they only show what you have to offer. Case studies by design prove how you solve a customer's problem.

When it comes to generating trust with a prospect, that connection is priceless.
Problem Solving
Provides Social Proof
These days, prospects trust less in sales copy and demand more in evidence. Over 92% of online buyers check reviews before a purchase.

Case studies satiate the desire for proof by blending genuine stats and experiences.
Social Proof
Spin-Off Content
Case studies are extremely versatile and can be repurposed in many powerful ways. Here's just a few:

Email outreach, upselling, blog posts, lead magnets, deal closers, authority builders, SEO content, RFP's, pitch decks...
Spins Off Content
Boosts Conversions
Case studies are first-rate marketing assets. You need to make the most of them.

To maximise your ROI get them out there. Send them to customers. Share them with partners. Just don't let them gather dust!
Boosts Conversions

Need More Persuading?

Case studies are:
More influential
than blogs and webinars
More persuasive
than social content
More authoritative than
newsletters and ebooks
* Eccolo Media
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Simple pricing. Epic case studies.


Snapshot style
Whipsmart and snappy. Ideal for outreach, ads and onboarding where attention spans are short.
One customer interview
500 - 700 words
Client buy-in assistance
Highly adaptable content
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Narrative format
Resistance-busting and compelling. Perfect for print media, blog posts and nurturing leads.
Two customer interviews
700 - 1200 words
Free print PDF design
Client buy-in assistance
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Go big, go bold.
Use straight through your funnel. Premium+ includes Standard and Premium formats
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Delivers fantastic ROI
Website/print ready PDF's
Deployment consultation
Client buy-in assistance
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Why Choose Me

Hey! I'm Paul Holmes. A copywriter devoted exclusively to creating compelling and persuasive B2B case studies.

Why? So you can highlight the success you helped your customers' achieve, and use that to convince your leads to buy from you.
Paul Holmes
Soulless marketing blarney? Nope.
Soporific technical claptrap? Not here.
Stuffy corporate drivel? Never.

Case studies are all about connecting with your prospects on an emotional level. And the key to making that happen is
writing how they think.

Once you've created that connection, it's so much easier for your prospect to say yes to you.
I discover how your customers achieve success with your product. With that in the bag, I create an enticing story about their journey that your leads lap up.

Your prospects see their journey mirrored in your happy customers. They see themselves succeeding with your product. They see themselves buying your product.

Resistance: banished. Concerns: obliterated. Saying yes to you: far more likely.
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